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Service at the firm of Todarwals is prompt and efficient. It undertakes various professional jobs, some of which are as follows:

  • Statutory Audits

  • Internal Audits

  • Tax Audits

  • Income Tax Matters

  • Goods & Service Tax (GST) Matters

  • Transfer Pricing

  • Designing of Internal Control Systems

  • Due Diligence & Handover

  • Physical Verification of Inventory & Fixed Assets

  • Other Audits

  • Company Law Matters

  • Payroll Processing

  • Other professional Services

Statutory Audits

The firm has been appointed Statutory Auditors of various manufacturing, financial, trading and software corporations, both listed as well as private. The most notable ones have annual turnovers ranging from Rs. 1,000 Crores to Rs. 5,000 Crores.

Internal Audits

We have conducted internal audits for large Corporations having annual turnovers over Rs.50,000 crores. Internal Audit is not only a statutory requirement for most Companies but also more importantly a very important tool to ensure that Organizations achieve their operational efficiencies as per the stated norms, plug gaps that could lead to frauds, ensure that the best output can be achieved from Organization’s team.

Tax Audit

Tax Audit as per the provision under the Income Tax Act are carried out for various corporations and firms.

Income Tax Matters

The firm offers consultation with respect to Tax matters, Tax Planning, International Taxation, Preparation and Filing of Returns, Appeals, Assessments including interaction with the Income Tax Department and Reserve Bank of India, 

Goods & Service Tax (GST) Matters

Our Firm offers various services pertaining to GST which includes, preparation and filing of returns, appeals and assessment and advisory services. We also attend to scrutiny matter and interact with the GST department.

Transfer Pricing

We have handled transfer pricing assessments including preparation of study reports and filing of returns for various large corporations and pubic companies having annual transactions of more than $10 million.

Due Diligence & Handover

Our firm has carried out extensive due diligence and handover exercises for large corporates in India and also for foreign Companies outside India. Our Due Diligence exercise has helped companies take informed decisions regarding their investments / fund infusions.

Designing of Internal Control Systems

We have successfully executed various system design and implementation work for Indian as well as foreign entities willing to strengthen their Operational efficiencies. This service carries out designing of documentation and control systems in the organization, which will help in achieving the following:

  • Organization Structuring

  • Proper Communication

  • Authorization Levels

  • Timely and Accurate Management Reports

  • Decision Making

  • Information and Control Systems

  • Detection of Frauds

  • Balanced Growth

Physical Verification of Inventory & Fixed Assets

We have conducted these activities for large businesses having assets worth more than Rs. 10,000 crores. Most professionally run Entities conduct physical verification of fixed assets and inventories at regular intervals from third-party professional firms for keeping constant checks on their most important assets. In fact, these verifications are also required for insurance purposes. We also physically tag these assets with the Company’s systems to ensure that these assets are easily traceable.

Other Audits

There are various audits that are conducted by us to help Organizations achieve professional excellence in their field of work. These services include:

  • Project Audits - To ensure that a Company’s expansion is being executed as originally planned by following guidelines and norms set out by the Company.

  • Pre-payment / Concurrent Audits - To scrutinize every payment before it is actually made.

  • Forensic Audit  - To assist companies to uncover any fraud or misappropriation of funds.

Valuation of Company

We provide services of valuation services per the requirement of the clients. We are well versed with various valuation methods which can cater to the valuation requirement of the client or any statutory body.

Company Law Matters

The firm offers consultation with respect to Company Law and LLP Matters, formation and structuring of company and LLP.  Assistance in maintaining records and filing forms as per the ROC requirements. Interaction with the ROC department if required

Payroll Processing

To ensure Clients can maintain secrecy regarding pay scales. We also assist in processing  payrolls accurately and ensuring that all statutory compliances are fulfilled.

Other Professional Services

Consultancy and assistance with respect to the following services:

  • Financial Structuring

  • Joint Ventures

  • Family Settlements and Preparation of Will

  • Formation and Registration of Partnership Firms

  • Formation and Registration of Trust and Section 8 Companies

  • Profession Tax Registration and Payments

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